Vancouver Wins Another Award! Most Rats in BC

Vancouver Wins Another Award! Most Rats in BC

Vancouver is a fantastic city. It has won awards for its filmmaking, its food, and its quality of life. Now it’s winning awards for…


Wait, what?

For the third consecutive year, Vancouver has won the not-so-coveted award for “most rodents” in British Columbia. It was a ranking given to the city that has invested in the most rat and mouse treatments per capita.

What This Means for Businesses and Homeowners

The truth is that rodents are always present in any city, as they are attracted to the wealth of food waste and shelter dense cities tend to make. As the largest city in BC, it’s not particularly surprising that it would also be prone to more rats.

It’s not the presence of rats that is an issue. It is the way they calculated which area has the most rats. They determined which city has more rats by figuring out which city invested in more treatments per person, and they found that Vancouver had the most commercial and residential pest control treatment calls.

And THAT is what makes the rodent population a problem. It’s not that Vancouver has rats. It’s that those rats are finding their way inside of buildings, and living in homes, restaurants, offices, and more. What it means is that:

  • Properties Around Vancouver Are Getting Older – Rats can invade any property, but older buildings tend to have more openings, and rat infestations indicate that there may be a growing problem with entrance points.
  • Rodents Are in Need of Food/Shelter – Rodents may not be finding what they need outdoors, and so they are seeking out buildings in order to lead a safer life.

Of course, it also means that there are more rodents, as these pests will require their own space, and the more pests means the fewer safe outdoor living spaces are available.

This combination means that businesses and families are tasked with making sure they receive the rodent control treatment they need to manage their property better. in Vancouver, that is Local Pest, a BC pest control company that is highly experienced in comprehensive rodent control. For more information, please contact Local Pest today.