Sara C

5 stars

Chris is very friendly and helpful – he responded to all of my questions via text or phone call in a timely manner.

The technician Leandro was also very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend these guys because they’re personable and knowledgeable! My only complaint was that I think there were a few miscommunications – I was told beforehand that everyone in my apartment needed to evacuate for 6 hours even though we were only treating my bedroom, but when the technician arrived, he informed me that, in fact, I only needed to vacate the bedroom and we could safely hang around in the other rooms of the apartment. I was also told that the technician would arrive promptly at 8am, but then the day before treatment I received an email stating they would arrive between 8-10am. He ended up showing up around 8:30, which was not a problem for me, but it could have been an issue if I had somewhere to be after 8.

All in all, this was a great service and God forbid I ever get bed bugs again, I would definitely call these guys!

January 16, 2023