Raven McLean

5 stars

I had a minor meltdown thinking I had bed bugs. I had about four random “bites” over the course of a few days. I tore my bed apart and found no sign of bed bugs anywhere. I cleaned and used a Doktor Doom spray, but was still very nervous so I called Local Pest Control to get some info (the internet is not always your friend in these situations). I spoke to Chris and he was so calm and helpful. He asked thoughtful questions when I gave him my rundown of what had been happening and what I was doing to make it stop.

In the course of our phone call he sent me a link to their blog, “If It’s Not Bed Bugs What is It?” and it turns out I have carpet beetles!!! I had found one of them on me earlier that same morning. Sweet relief!!! I’m continuing the deep clean but feel so relieved to know it’s not bed bugs and that Chris fully talked me off the ledge. Hopefully I will never need their services again, but if I do I won’t hesitate to call them!

January 25, 2022