Testimonial Category: Local Pest Control

Shirley Yan

Mike was very helpful and understanding of the situation in our building. He explained the process clearly and was accommodating. It has been one week and his services has been very effective!

Yennie Hui

The exterminator came on time and very professional in attitude, he did his best to spray for the infestation and did his best to cover all scenarios where the bugs can possibly be. I am always pleased with their thoroughness on the job and pleasant to deal with. He also explained all the factors of the bug infestation as to where they are hiding and how to fix the issues. Great Service!

Catarina Lee

Mike and Jagger came in today to get rid of the wasp nest in our backyard that we weren’t even aware of! (Our strata called them). They were very friendly, quick and professional in removing them and left the area very clean. I highly appreciate your service, thank you!

Khoi Truong

Local Group is a great company to work with. They are professional and very responsive to all my questions and concerns (especially Mike). I’d recommend their services to anyone with bedbug issues.

Nièla M

With increased construction and building tear-downs happening across from the house, and in Vancouver in general, a pest issue at the house has occurred. The technician from Local Pest Control that conducted the inspection and first service is very professional, tactful, friendly, positive and thorough. Simon asked probing questions and showed genuine interest in the information residents shared. He continuously shared knowledge about various pest-related issues as a way to explain measures that need to be taken to resolve the… Read more »

Kyle Stooshnov

It took a while to get rid of the bed bugs in an older apartment, but the service from Local Pest Control was responsive and understanding of the apartment’s condition throughout the extermination. Michael was courteous and offered constructive advice on the first treatment, and able to report good results by the final treatment. It was also helpful that he understood how challenging it would be to clear all the infested household items, he offered creative solutions to work around… Read more »

Salome Homeyer

Jordan was very thorough! Gave me peace of mind! And lots of useful tips. I recommend them highly.

Virg Chow

Michael was prompt. Very informative and answered all my questions. Local was the only company that was able to address my issue of carpet bug infestation inside my car. Would recommend and engage in their services again.

Reza Hamidizadeh

I was very happy with local pest control. We had a pigeon problem on our balcony. Pigeons had nested, hatched and were not leaving and the place was a mess with droppings. For what I thought was a very reasonable price they cleaned and disinfected the balcony, got rid of the pigeons in a humane way. I made one phone call on the weekend, they gave me an honest quote and the technician came on Monday as promised. Very happy… Read more »


Simon was great! Very efficient, reasonable, and very knowledgeable on what to do for our situation. I have used this company before at my own building for outside monitoring of pests and I could not recommend them more!

Raven McLean

I had a minor meltdown thinking I had bed bugs. I had about four random “bites” over the course of a few days. I tore my bed apart and found no sign of bed bugs anywhere. I cleaned and used a Doktor Doom spray, but was still very nervous so I called Local Pest Control to get some info (the internet is not always your friend in these situations). I spoke to Chris and he was so calm and helpful.… Read more »

Cassandra Ma

The thought of bed bugs is enough to make my skin crawl. I spoke at length with Chris about potential bed bugs at my mom’s house and he was so helpful! He asked some questions and then guided me to the website to do a mattress and bedframe inspection. I felt like he went out of his way to help me and I really appreciated his calming demeanor. He laid out several different options and because the chances of bed… Read more »