Rats and Mice Are Everywhere: Protect Your Property

Even though you cannot always see them, chances are they’re there. Many people think that if you have these rodents living on your property, you’ll know. But the truth is that often rats and mice leave no trace at all. That is because:

  • They are fantastic at hiding.
  • They are primarily active at night, in the dark.
  • They may not live on the property. They may just visit for food and water.

Many homeowners have discovered unexplained rodent droppings in their garages, and many businesses have found that something has eaten away at something important despite no clear signs of rat presence.


But out of sight is also not out of mind. Rodents can eat threw electrical wires, causing a fire hazard. They often carry diseases, as well as bacteria that may lead to allergies or illness. And their strong teeth are powerful enough to rip through walls and cause expensive damage to your property.

In Vancouver, Coquitlam, and More, Local Pest is the Best Solution

Rats do not respond to pesticides the same way that bugs do. They need special exclusionary treatments, the right traps to eliminate those already on the property, and ability to prevent them from entering in the future.

Local Pest is here to help. We provide this type of rodent control for both homeowners and businesses throughout BC, with affordable rates and guaranteed service, sealing off all entry points and making sure that they cannot come back.

Have a Rodent Problem? Call Local Pest

Local pest control. It is right there in our name. We know you have a choice in pest control companies, and we’d like to prove to you why we have developed such a positive reputation in the industry for our commitment to detail and customer care.

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