Elm Seed Bug Pest Control in Vancouver, BC

The Elm Seed Bugs are here.

You may not have heard of elm seed bugs before. That is because they are new to the Vancouver and BC area, introduced only last year and, as of this writing, listed as a pest by the Ministry of Agriculture only a few months ago.

You may not even know what they are or what they look like.

But if you’re like so many in Vancouver, you will soon learn what they are, and you are not going to like it. If you suspect you have elm seed bugs on your property, call Local Pest today – a Vancouver elm seed bug and pest control company.

What is the Elm Seed Bug?

The Elm Seed Bug is an insect native to Europe. It’s not clear when they were accidentally introduced to North America, but it is likely it was in the last few years. Only last year did they start to show up in Vancouver.

As its name implies, the elm seed bug feeds on elm seeds. They breed in large numbers, lay eggs on elm flowers, and then feed on them when the eggs hatch. They start to grow during spring, but they aren’t big fans of the heat. So when it starts to get hotter, they seek out cooler areas – like your home or office building.

Why Are Elm Seed Bugs a Problem?

Elm seed bugs pose a few problems to both homeowners and businesses. These include:

  • Quantity – Elm seed bugs breed in large numbers and become practically like swarms.
  • Persistence – Elm seed bugs will try very hard to get inside of your property for cool air.
  • Smell – Elm seed bugs let out a stinky odor when you squash them.

Although not related, these bugs are similar to stink bugs. But for some properties that may be even more problematic, because although their smell is not quite as potent, they can invade in extremely large quantities depending on where you live, resulting in a nuisance and a significant stench.

How We Treat Elm Seed Bugs in Vancouver, BC

Local Pest is one of the few companies ready and capable to treat these new invaders. Serving Vancouver and most of Western Canada, our effective treatment plan focuses on the following:

  • Exterior Treatment – We use a special pest control capable of eliminating the immature stages of these pests in order to prevent them from becoming too numerous. We use a barrier spray to make sure that if they are near the outside of your property, they are less likely to make it inside as well.
  • Exclusion – The pests themselves become a bigger problem when they are able to enter your property. We do what we can to prevent this by locating any potential entrance point and sealing it off, so that they cannot enter the property unless there is an open window or open door.

If there are still issues, we’ll explore interior options and other solutions that may help you keep these elm seed bugs away.

Commercial and Residential Elm Seed Bug Control

We work with many homeowners that struggle with elm seed bugs. But we’re also one of the few Vancouver pest control companies that works with commercial customers as well, providing elm seed bug treatments for properties of all sizes. We know how much these annoying stink bugs can affect your business, and we’ll be there quickly to eliminate the problem.

Local Pest: Your Trusted Solution for Elm Seed Bug Control

Based in Vancouver, BC, we provide elm seed bug control and extermination services for almost the entire BC region, from Coquitlam to Surrey to Whistler and more. No matter where you’re located, if you have Elm Seed Bugs – or any type of stink bug – contact Local Pest today and let our technicians help you with this new and problematic pest.

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