Bed Bug Inspection

If you’re unsure whether you have bed bugs, we can send a highly-trained technician to inspect your home. If you are sure, call us immediately to make an appointment before the infestation spreads and we’ll get to work ridding your home of bed bugs so you can sleep better tonight.

Bed Bug Dog Specialists

Bed bug dogs have an eminent level of accuracy that exceeds customary detection methods. A dog’s sense of smell is said to be a thousand times more sensitive than that of a humans. Due to this, ‘Man’s Best Friend’ has become an effective companion within the workforce. Police explosive and drug detection dogs have proven their effectiveness time and time again; it is seldom their noses fail them.

Bed bug dogs are professionally trained to pin-point the location of bed bugs by tracking the scent that is emitted by a live bed bug and eggs. These dogs have 95-97% accuracy for confirming the presence of bed bugs or any viable eggs.

Get to Know Vana our Lovely “White” Bed Bug Lab!

Vana is our highly trained dog that possesses the skills and training needed to track down live bed bugs. Vana is a 2 year old Lab dog that has been dedicated to bed bug detection work. She has been trained by Richmonds BC K9. Phil from BC K9 trains all the police, bomb and scent dogs in BC so he knows what he’s doing!

Matthew Sherlock, Vana’s handler and daily trainer lives with Vana and keeps her active when shes not hunting for bed bugs. Vana’s daily routine involves toy reward training with live bed bugs to keep her scent detection for bed bugs highly active.


Local Pest Control uses the BioSensory NightWatch Bed Bug Trap to detect and monitor infestations. The trap uses the pests’ feeding instincts – attraction to C02 and other chemicals exhaled while breathing plus the warmth of human blood – to draw them in. If you suspect you have bed bugs this is a great tool to identify the issue, our techs place this monitor in a bed bug “hot zone” for 5 days at a cost of $145.00 and upon inspection recommend whether you require a full bed bug treatment.

Our Goal

Our aim is to provide fast, affordable and professional bed bug detection, as well as:

  • Quality information on bed bugs
  • Practical information on their prevention through simple avoidance practices
  • Specialized information on integrated pest management control practices, based upon visual identification, “show me the bug”

Inspect for Bed Bugs

If you suspect your house is infested with bed bugs, the first thing you need to do is verify it. You may be able to do this yourself, if the bugs are in obvious places, but they like to hide and may be in places you don’t think about. They can hide in smoke detectors, cracks in walls and floors, electrical sockets as well as in mattresses/boxsprings and bed frames.

Check your mattress first including the box spring, you can watch our video for help. Take the liner off the bottom of the box spring and check very carefully. Also, look around walls and floors in corners or other dark places where the bugs will hide during the day. There may be dark fecal matter scattered around hiding places. Try to notice if there is any unusual strong odor, like a musty odor, in any area.

Finding bed bugs in a house is a daunting task and can better and more efficiently be done by professionals, like the ones at Local Pest Control.

If and once you know you have bed bugs in your house, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. The infestation may not be too wide spread, but postponing action is not a good option. The sooner you exterminate the bed bugs the easier it will be.
To prepare your house for the bed bug exterminator, please follow our bed bug preparation sheet.

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