How Rodents Get Into the Home

How Rodents Get Into the Home

While we are still in the midst of winter, temperatures are cold and our homes are warm. While this is enjoyable for us, there are pests out there that want to join in on our creature comforts. Rodents seek out warm homes for themselves, so you could find mice and rats in your living space. The first step to preventing these little critters from becoming permanent residents begins with understanding how they get in.

These little mice and rats can fit themselves into the most peculiar areas. While you might look at a crack or pipe and think, “there is no way they can come through that”, you might want to consider it as an open door.

Plumbing and Pipes

Mice can enter from plumbing including sinks and bathtubs. This is often because the plumbing is not properly sealed or is damaged. The rodents will identify an entryway in a pipe and crawl up it out the drain. Make sure that you have your pipes inspected for vulnerabilities and you are capping drains to prevent them from making an appearance.

Foundation Cracks

This is a very common entryway for rats and mice. Over the years, your home may have shifted and cracks in the foundation have started to show. This is usually a portal for mice to enter into the base of the home. They will find themselves into crawl spaces and basements. Walk around the outside of your home and try to identify any potential weaknesses. This can include under patios that are covered from normal visibility.

Windows & Doors

If your tend to leave a bathroom window opened to let out steam from the shower, or have a damaged door frame, mice will definitely find it. Even if the crack in the door frame or window frame is only a couple of inches wide, mice will squeeze their way in searching for warmth. Inspect each one of your windows and doors for vulnerabilities. Keep in mind during this season to keep windows and doors closed if they are unattended.

Don’t let the little guys fool you, they will fit themselves into the smallest, tightest space in order to get into a warm area. If you believe that your area is prone to rodent infestations, take active steps to inspect your home for these potential entry points.

For an experienced inspection and opinion, contact Local Pest Control. We can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your home and its vulnerabilities. And of course, if you have found yourself as the host of a rodent infestation, we can safely remove mice and rats it with our rodent control services. Contact us today at 778-828-6094 or online for a free quote.

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