How Do K9s Kill Bedbugs?

How Do K9s Kill Bedbugs?

Pesticides used to be the solution of choice for bedbugs. But then bedbugs started to experience a resurgence, as they grew resistant to most common pesticides. That created a need for more effective and inventive pest control technology and methods.

One method you may have heard about tends to go by the name “K9 Bedbug Control.” The K9 stands for “Canine,” meaning dog, because that’s exactly what it is – the use of a dog to assist with bedbug treatments. But how do dogs kill bedbugs?

The Value in K9 Bedbug Control

The truth is, they do not kill bedbugs. Bug what dogs can do is they can sniff out areas of the property that have bedbugs and make it easier for your treatment provider to eliminate them.

Bedbugs are spectacular hiders. But they also release a light musty smell. With severe infestations it is possible to smell this yourself when you enter a room. But smelling an individual bedbug is harder, especially if they’re small or hidden.

Dogs/Canines/K9s, however, have no problems sniffing them out. So when a bedbug infestation is particularly difficult to treat, using a dog’s natural sense of smell is a great way for your technician to make sure that every single inch is covered.

Learn More About K9 Pest Control

The treatment of choice for most businesses is heat treatment, which eliminates bedbugs by raising the temperature of the property. But we can also integrate K9 bedbug control into our services, both with heat treatment and with pesticides.

No matter what treatment we decide to use, you can trust that you’re in good hands with Local Pest, the leading Vancouver, BC pest control company.