Bed Bugs: True or False

With the growth of the internet, our access to information has exponentially improved. Unfortunately, so has our access to misinformation. At Local Group, we hope to educate you about the truth behind a common household pest, the bed bug, their behaviours, preventative measures and treatments.

Bed Bugs

1. If I have bites, I have bed bugs

FALSE: There are a range of things that could cause bumps to break out, from allergens to other insects. The only real confirmation is finding live bed bugs. Use our bed bug inspection video located here, or book one of our knowledgeable technicians to come out and perform an inspection.

2. Bed bugs only bite at night

FALSE: While bed bugs are mainly nocturnal, they will feed during the day if they are hungry.

3. Bed bugs can be killed a variety of ways

TRUE: Bed bugs are susceptible to a number of treatments. Traditional bed bug sprays involve two treatments ten to fourteen days apart and include laying a pesticide around the perimeter of the room, the bed frame, parts of the mattress and surrounding drawers. Heat treatments heat the affected area to 65ºC and over and sustain this temperature, killing bed bugs in every phase of their life cycle. Lastly, bed bugs are susceptible to the cold. Putting infected items in -15ºC freezers for a minimum of four days will also kill bed bugs in every phase of their life cycle.

4. Unsanitary conditions cause bed bugs

FALSE: Anyone can get bed bugs! However, by reducing clutter you reduce the number of places bed bugs can hide, making them easier to treat.

5. Bed bugs can’t fly or jump

TRUE: Bed bugs have no wings and cannot hop. By using interceptors such as bed bug moats and mattress and box spring covers, you can eliminate the route the bed bug is taking as well as their hiding places.

6. Bed bugs are only found in the bed

FALSE: Bed bugs can be found anywhere humans spend a large amount of stationary time. This includes couches, recliners, chairs, as well as the bed and surrounding areas.

7. Bed bugs can lay over ten eggs a day

TRUE: Bed bugs lay anywhere from 2 to 12 eggs per day. The eggs hatch 6 to 17 days later, making the second treatment imperative in order to treat the bed bugs that have just hatched.